CRX Buying Decision – Consumer question

I've been looking for a nice cheap car to buy as my first car for myself and I've always had a longing for a Rex. Fortunately, right now people are selling in my area, but I don't know what to buy. Right now I have $1000, and potentially another $2,000 in two or three months, but I'm afraid these deals will slip in that amount of time. Here's my options, and any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

1987 CRX HF

Car has 220000 miles and the guy said it was his daily driver.

This car I could buy right now, and it doesn't seem too bad, just looks dirty from sitting in the garage. Seems like a nicer car to the right of it, so maybe it's been maintained? Is an HF though.

1991 CRX SI

This car is really good looking. It's an SI, has only 100000 some miles, and looks to be in a good spot. My problem is financial, I might be able to get a loan from my parent for the rest I'd have to pay back, but it's iffy. The new tires are a plus with the snow here.

1990 CRX SI

I'm not really into this car, you can kinda tell what kind of person owned it by the modifications and the body is rough; but there is turbo parts 😉

1991 CRX DX

This guy seems to be asking a bit much, and I can't really afford it, but I figure you guys would enjoy seeing it.


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