Experiences with ordering e-bikes in Europe. Maybe help choosing a seller? – Consumer question

So hello first!

What are your experiences when buying e-bikes in europe? All over the place I see only US sellers and here and there eu sellers who only sell either very under-powered bikes with low range or with only pedal assist. Am just misunderstanding them?

And secondly a question about customs and taxes. How do you they handle this issue? Do they put the full price of the bike on the form?

I'm asking because paying 2500 euros for a bike and then having to pay 500 in taxes + 300 in import fees is a bit too much. And you have just the right bikes I'd like to buy (fat tire ones). And in my country (Slovakia) there are almost no resellers, and if there are, they're selling 4000-6000 euro bikes (I can get a year old honda motorbike with 72kw engine for that price).

Oh what can be done about the 250W limitation in europe? because that looks like way too slow for somebody who would like to comute 13 miles to work (26 miles roundtrip)



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