ThruNite T10 – can this be a light I keep in my car trunk, or is it for light-duty stuff? – Consumer question

I know nothing about flashlights, but I was searching for a durable flashlight on r/buyitforlife and ended up here. I just want something I can throw in my car's trunk and use it for things like changing a tire at night, navigating the forest to go pee in the middle of the night while camping, navigate a crawl space, etc.

I see it will run for 40 hours @ 13 lumens using just 1 AA battery. Is 13 lumens enough for the tasks I've listed above? I'm questioning that because I can't wrap my mind around how a single AA battery can provide 40 hours of light, unless that light is really wimpy. Basically, is this more a light for my kid to play in the yard with, or can it be used for real life stuff?

Feel free to suggest other lights. I've only used $5 plastic flashlights my entire life, so I can't justify spending over $25 for my first "real" flashlight. I just want something that can last for the rest of my life, as I'm sick of replacing $5 flashlights from Walmart.

Edit: also needs to provide at least 20 hours of light at a time with a decent amount of brightness for normal night tasks (this means i'm not fighting bad guys or trying to fix a an army tank). Only lights that use "common" batteries (don't wanna buy a 18650 charger)


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