Buy a road bike or upgrade my hybrid? – Consumer question

So I have owned a Giant Roam 3 for a year or so. I bought it because I thought I would do some mild off-roading and didn't want a strictly road bike. Well I never off-road, I have never even switched on the suspension. I really like my bike (although I have never ridden any other bikes so I have nothing to compare it to) but the lack of having multiple hand positions is killing my wrists now that I'm going longer distances than before. I also imagine that having a lighter bike with better aerodynamics would be worthwhile. My bike has stock everything, but I'm not even sure what kind of upgrades would be available for it or how heavy the frame is compared to a road bike. If I were to get another bike I'd be looking in the area of about $1000. I really know nothing about bikes so I'm looking for recommendations for either upgrades, or a new bike. Also I am 6'4" 310lbs so another worry switching to a road bike would be increased rate of getting flats. Since I'm currently on 700×40 tires going any thinner seems scary to me. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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