First commuter bike under 2000$ challenge! – Consumer question

Hey smart people of r/ebikes,

I have been looking to buy an ebike ever since a coworker brought in a MATE. What I need is a bike that helps me to commute efficiently in at least a 10 km radius. I really don't need/want a manual throttle, I just want that sweet pedal assistance so I can commute around quickly without sweating. I´d love to be able to go to the store as well. Oh and btw, I live in a pretty snowy place in the winter so preferably something that can handle that (I'll fit the bike with studded tires, that seems to be what people do around here).

I have narrowed it down to a few choices, the one that I like the most so far is:

I asked about them on (Great site btw): . Apparently m2s is a North Carolina based reseller of Chinese ebikes.

  • Have you had this bike or do you know anyone who has? If so, was it any good?
  • Would you go with something else?

Any good tips would be appreciated 🙂 cheers!


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