Moving to Charlottesville, questions – Consumer question

I'm starting grad school at UVA so I'll be living in that area (moving from NY) and have some questions:

Are there large stores like Bed, bath, and beyond, Best buy and Macys to buy home things and electronic stuff?

Where do people buy groceries? Are there supermarkets like Shoprite or just small grocery stores? Is there a Trader Joes?

What is the dating scene like in Charlottesville? (for early-mid 20s man). Will I mostly be limited to UVA and other students or are there plenty of young single people living/working in the town?

Do you get snow every year or rarely? And is it mostly flurries type or enough that you have to shovel driveways and may need snow tires.

What kind of things/activities go on in Charlottesville and how do people find out about it (fliers, facebook, word of mouth, etc, is it hard or easy to do things). I mean events like interest group meetings (like book clubs), classes (cooking, dance, etc), live music/shows, plays, etc, festivals

Is there a weekly farmers market and is it year round?


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