Still loving my sleeper hot hatch a few months later – Consumer question

Just following up on my original post from a few months ago:


I busted a front sidewall on the triangular edge where the driveway meets the curb 1K miles ago and replaced both front tires. I got Kumho 4X II UHP A/S tires since they were really cheap and readily available from my tire guy. Not bad for A/S tires, it eliminated most of the torque steer from hard acceleration and I broke them in after about 100 miles. Of course I still get traction loss when accelerating and turning at the same time; FWD problems, I guess…

I haven't tested them in the rain, but I suspect they won't be great. Given my driving style, I'll probably wear them out before it starts raining and switch to summer tires, then.

I'm still using the stock LRRs in the back, and haven't been able to induce oversteer on them, yet (though plenty of squealing!). The sidewalls on them are considerably weaker (1 ply compared to 2 ply of most tires I buy), so I wouldn't be surprised if I busted another one on a pothole or curb. I still have the unbusted LRR front sitting in my garage if that happens.

Driving notes

Anyways, the car continues to be an excellent canyon carver and the one-pedal driving is AMAZING on twisty roads. I don't feel the need to use Sport Mode on twisties and am slowly getting used to the somewhat sensitive steering, which still manages to have good feel.

I probably lost 5-10% in mileage with the front tire change, but I'm learning to drive more conservatively in boring parts of town so I can do more spirited driving when I get to better roads. I'm around 3.3-3.5 mi/kWh

My recreational driving protocol is to drive until the minimum range estimation matches my mileage driven (since charge); and start heading back home. It seems to work better than expected, since I usually go uphill leaving my house, and downhill coming back. Maybe I'll pick a number closer to the middle range estimation.

Public charging stations used: zero. I still haven't bothered signing up for anything nor have I activated my Chargepoint card which came with the car, but I've been tempted. I still don't want to risk being stranded or late if a lone stall is occupied.

The wheels are the easiest to keep clean of any car I've had because I barely use the brakes.


The driver side A-pillar obstructs vision during left turns. Oh well.

The turn signal stalk is also too high up for switching between high/low beams when doing night driving on canyon roads. The older Tesla Model S I had had the lower stalk at the 9 position which I favor, but the newer ones are higher around 10. Perhaps this can be relocated or a "V" extension can be fabricated.

I drive using the 8-4 hand position so I have more movement range and it works great with the regen paddle. I don't understand why they made the stalk so high as 10-2 can be unsafe with airbags, nowadays. 8-4 also helps me on a manual cars to reduce distance to the shifter.

Other minor things

The light sensors for the screens are a little slow to react when getting into/coming out of covered garages. I keep the screen in night mode all the time now and rely on the manual dimness control.

The relative lack of body roll is nice, but the car is probably a little underdamped when hitting bumps at high speed. At least the rear passengers feel it more than I do! I'll probably replace them with Bilstein HDs when they start wearing out, like I did on my 4th-gen F-body.

No complaints about the seats (cloth) and base audio system. Zero service visits or warranty repairs. I'm loving the lack of attention the Bolt EV, and get even more annoyed nowadays when I turn heads in my other car.


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