Is a custom build worth it? – Consumer question

I've been looking at the All City Macho Man or Macho King for commuting, exploring, and gravel riding. I just found a pretty good deal on a Macho King LTD frameset for $700. It's second hand but was never built so it's basically new-in-box.

I'd put pretty much the same components on as the Macho King (SRAM Rival 1x drivetrain or maybe the Apex 1x) but maybe switch out the rims and use a different saddle and tires. The problem is, I don't feel comfortable building it myself so I'd need to pay a mechanic to put it all together.

Will this end up costing more than just buying the fully built bike in the first place?

Update: I priced out all the components including a brand new frame and $250 in labor and it was about $200 more to build the bike thank buy one stock ($2,800 vs $2,600). That's just under 10% more to build. If I use a seat and handlebars I have around plus the "used" (but never used) frame that's $400 off, it becomes cheaper to build ($2,237 vs $2,600). I was hoping that using Apex 1 components would lower the price but it was surprisingly only ~$100 less than the Rival 1, at least when buying everything from Jenson USA.

A quick guide on how to save money when buying a new Tesla. – Consumer question

This is something I've done and others on this subreddit have as well. Fact of the matter is, these are expensive cars, and sometimes it helps to save a couple of grand here and there. Here are two things you can do.

  1. First off, don't take the Tesla website or websites like EVCPO for their word when it comes to inventory. Fact of the matter is, gallery and sales associates have access to other cars including showroom models. Go into a showroom, and ask if they are willing to look through inventory on any discounted models. If you are specific about wanting something (car color, leather), ask for them to look into those configurations as well.

  2. Wait for a certain model to be discontinued. It was announced a month or so ago that the 90D series will no longer be available to buy as a custom order. So that obviously means Tesla will be looking to get rid of what's in their inventory. Using a website like EVCPO or talking to your gallery associate, they can perhaps find one that has a decent discount. Heck, there have been reports here of people getting a fairly optioned out 90D for the same price it would cost a 75 model with the same options!

  3. If you don't care about Enhanced Autopilot, FSD, or even the 21 inch wheels (YMMV on this one), ask an associate if they are willing to uninstall those features/replace the tires. For the Autopilot and FSD, they will literally knock out how much it costs to have it on the first place. So you can easily get a discount of 5k, 3k, or w/e the 21 inch wheels cost respectively.

  4. This is the most important, and sadly it has to be. Always keep a personal note/idea in mind of how much your ideal car would cost WITHOUT any discounts. Why? Because when an associate looks up these "discounted" models, some are discounted from an older price point. Here's a quick example…

  • Inventory Model S, 75 with EAP: 79k. Discounted to 73k.
  • Custom Order Model S, 75 with EAP: 74k.
  • Associate says the inventory model is "discounted" by 6k…now how does that make sense? Because they are seeing the old pricing structure. Some associates are aware of this and may play "dumb", while others will genuinely make that mistake. The point is, just be aware of what your ideal Tesla will cost when comparing it to discounted inventory models.

So that's it! Savings can range anywhere from 1k to 30k depending on the situation. So keep this in mind if you're in the market for a Tesla.

All 4 car tires slashed. Does anyone know any cheap wired security cameras we could buy? – Consumer question

We've made a police report. we've taken pictures and we're under warranty. Not sure who did it but it was targeted at us. (No other cars were hurt) We heard infa-red cameras would be best. It's just me and my mom figuring this out.

Positive review for Ark fans for Dark and Light as a small PvE friendly gamer X-Post D&L/Survival Gaming – Consumer question

Hey everyone. So I jumped on EA last night for Dark and Light and even amidst all the hate I have some positive things to say about it. What I don't get in today's day and age is people who buy a fantasy themed Ark in early access the second it comes out and then complain that it's a fantasy themed Ark. Like, with so much info at your fingertips, why? Anyway.

So some caveats. I love Ark, I have 650 hours in it and it's one of my favorite games. In the right conditions. I play with a small group of friends, we play PvE Coop, and it's all about the story, the adventure, building together, working together to achieve something in a fantasy world. We don't do PvP, we don't do public servers, we don't do mega tribes and we add things like Structure+ and accelerated rates because we have lives, kids and work. So if that's not you, then this review probably won't mean much to you because I honestly don't know how the other stuff is going. I couldn't tell you about alpha tribe faction based PvP and voting for king or any of that jazz.

So with that in mind. I really enjoy Dark and Light. Is it an Ark clone? Of course it is. I mean the engine is basically Ark, we all know/knew this so I'm ok with that. Does it have some of Ark's issues? Yup, but not enough to make it ragequit. Now I enjoy Ark's setting but man Dark and Light just oozes high fantasy. I can be an elf throwing fireballs at goblins riding a dragon? Yes please! Granted the goblins are creepy af right now with their sorta tooth grin shudder. And the little bastards can knock you out and steal all your stuff! Kill them from afar! Anyway. Setting wise it's right up my alley. I love how you have starting citadels with NPCs and guards! You can sell and buy stuff! There's even a tutorial quest line to teach you the game! Granted I think the sell goods for 100g is bugged but that's ok.

I can't talk about performance really. Yes the initial load is long but I have a brand new rig, 1080, i7, 32gb and 1440p and i'm running 35fps on highest settings. It looks great, runs great but again not the typical setup.

The mechanics are familiar with Ark players but instead of leveling up and unlocking engrams you unlock recipes by doing stuff in that tree. Want to be the house builder? Keep building stuff and unlocking things in that tree. It also means you don't have to grind narco for 3 hours because you really want a saddle. Just play the game like you enjoy and unlock what you use and do. I do like that a lot.

LOVE the magic stuff. A spell to give you more weight? A spell to lessen the weight of stuff in your inventory? Heal? Light without holding a torch?? Fireballs? Drain resources without a pick?? Oh man, again I'm a fantasy buff but I love love the magic stuff. And I'm only getting started! The downside to the magic though is this focus concept. Basically as you cast magic your focus goes down and you need to rest to get it back. That part was confusing because you need a bedroll which is a one time rest, and eventually a bed. But without "healing" focus you die. Now that I know it's not an issue but that part was a little odd.

Taming is challenging. Instead of knocking something out and then feeding it it's more of a shoot it with arrows with ropes until it tires, then build a trough next to it to feed it. Took me some time to adjust from Ark and of course there are different types of creatures and some can only be tied down with bigger ropes etc so that's just a learning curve but once I figured it out it sorta made sense. There's also no concept of perfect tame, that I can tell, so you end up shooting the tame a few times midway to keep him tired.

I had no crashes, only a few bugs like the quest line and random mobs poofing from in front of me. I also built my base on a "meteor site" which is a loot drop, and now with loot drops come skeletons or wraiths, so that's fun inside your house 🙂

All in all, really really enjoying it. If you hate Ark or survival crafting this is not the game that will change your mind though. I played for 5-6 hours last night instead of playing Ark or Horizons or anything else. So keep what I said in mind as for how I like to play and don't believe all the hate. I also play 7d2d and Empyrion so I love the genre and this is a pretty good entry. Needs some work? Of course. Have I experienced it all? Not by a long shot, but I'm excited to get back into it.

Now the controversy … Citadel comes out next week. I'll be buying that too, because duh wizards and crafting. So we'll see in a week which one of these two games gets the limited playtime I have.

A series of unfortunate events – Consumer question

So I'm a college student and have a ten week internship this summer. I decided to commute to work 18-19 miles each way every day. For the past 4 weeks my bike or bikes seem to just keep breaking and I thought I'd share with you guys because I just want to tell people who will understand how taking the subway sucks. So 4 weeks ago at the start of this I found a crack in my frame, it was an old steel frame I got second hand and built up myself so I was bummed. The next week I rode my other bike (touting) in to work and had to take a day off of riding to buy a new frame (got it at a local bike co-op). Thenext day I get a flat on my touring bike, which was no big deal just hurt my pride. So now we are onto last week where I was back on my commuter with a new frame. Last Friday on my way in I got a flat,slashed a chunk of my tire off with a piece of glass that somehow didn't puncture and got another flat with a block left until work. I made it this whole week without issues and today on my way in I got a flat, no big deal right? As soon as I lift the wheel I hear a pop like a balloon exploding that is the signature sound of a spoke popping. So now my wheel is getting a new spoke and trued and we'll see, next week is my last full week of work and I really hope I can actually ride the whole thing with no major issues.

My 2003 xterra! Looking to buy a shrockworks tire carrier to finish it up, a new cat back exhaust since mine is all rusted and leaking, 3 inch suspension lift, and some lights – Consumer question

My 2003 xterra! Looking to buy a shrockworks tire carrier to finish it up, a new cat back exhaust since mine is all rusted and leaking, 3 inch suspension lift, and some lights – Consumer question

[NF] Nobodys fault but mine – Consumer question

A regular boring Monday at work turned into what would be the most difficult evening of the rest of my life.

Working hard, or hardly working? A regular day at the office consists of writing important insurance policy's and serving the hard working, very nice people whom I call my customers. My slacks abruptly vibrating, I wonder who is calling me mid-afternoon while I am in the clutches of my fathers jail cell, also known as the office. Suave! A good friend named James (Suave) who lives in one of the five famous boroughs of New York is on the call but, its a fresh bright Monday afternoon, what could he want? "Libz lets go to Miller's Ale House and watch the Panther game" Hm I start to ponder if this day at work is really worth it considering its 80 degrees and sunny. Sorry Dad, I have something important to do!!

Like a cobra I slither out of the office and crack open the door of my shifty 95' Nissan 240sx. Sparks fly like the fourth of July as my tires spin out of the parking lot. Clutch down, RPM's high until that 3rd pedal is meanly dropped to the floor. Sideways into traffic like something out of Fast and the furious the Nissan starts its journey home. Suave is meeting at my house to carpool to Millers, sounds like a great day to me. The windows are down, fresh air blowing into the car and the deafening bass of the subwoofer is bouncing as the 30 minute drive is completed. Last exit to take, patiently waiting for the gate to open and there is home!

Swifty jetting into my room I toss my business attire around my room like a twister. Cool grey Jordan's, my favorite jeans and sweatshirt for the night. A knock at the door rings throughout my basement. SUAVE! I rip open the door to my good buddy standing there with a friendly smirk on his face. The aroma of cannabis starts to fill the room. Finally, my stomach is settled and feeling better. Lets go! We walk through my house to the garage where I get a glimpse of my gorgeous 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X. Fu** this I exclaim quite boldly, we are taking the race car! The garage opens as I stare out to my driveway fence I start the beast. Barley maintaining a pulse the Evo screams in intervals. "Wop wop wop wop" the cam shafts roar. 5 long minutes of letting the oil and engine warm up pass and its go time, we are on our way to Millers.

Sunken meadow parkway is such a lone, long gorgeous parkway filled wit pretentious mugs who like to believe they are gods gift. Not two minutes into the drive and we see one of these mugs. A brand new 2013 Nissan GTR is next to me and looking mean. Our cars growling side by side starts a chain reaction of horn sounds. Beep beep Be- WAAAAA! The games have begun! 3rd gear, 4th ge– wait. Where's the GTR? Cooly looking into the rearview mirror I come to the realization that I passed it decades ago. Lets try that again. Beep Beep Beep! Mashing the gas pedal and throwing my shift knob; the GTR is no match for my Evo. My ego builds slightly knowing that somebody paid $110,000 for a car that I just molested. Take it easy and get off the parkway exclaims Suave. We pull up and hard park far away from the brand new Millers and let my car take a breather. Gasping for air after 2 minutes, I crank the ignition off. Let's watch the Panthers game!! Wait a second…. I hate football!!!

Screen on full brightness staring into the endless abyss named an iPhone I call endless amounts of friends to enjoy this game and time with Suave and I. A few ice cold pitchers later the staff informs my table of friends that we are cut off due simply to the amount of time we stayed there! What a crock! The game ends and our energy has yet to die down. Pumped up from life, or maybe something else we all decide lets go back to town and hit the bar.

Now its Suave, Luke, Gorsk and I all walking toward our vehicles. Wop wop wop, let the Evo warm up. Its currently dark and it has went from sunlight to moonlight glistening onto my perfectly waxed car. Calmly yet loudly drive to Celtic where we rendezvous. Dead. One person in the whole bar but I know Dan the bartender is a good guy so lets buy a round and leave him a nice tip. The one drunk man in the bar starts conversation with me, I push the story towards insurance, give him my card and go have a smoke. Woof, glad to get out of that situation. "Let's go back to your house Libz" Gorsk pleaded. Feeling good I say yeah! lets go! Suave pulls on my passenger side door handle when suddenly the wind shifts directions. The night somehow got colder quickly and I realize its starting to feel like Autumn. With a pit in his stomach and a key in his nose Gorsk says "Suave come do a bump with me" Suave nonchalantly lets go of my handle and goes in Gorsks car. For the first time ever, doing drugs saved a life.

Nobody by my side and the brisk wind of the night fires me up to no mans land. 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, rowing! The sound of the beast is destroying the silent night as the decibel's climb through the air. Both myself and the beast screaming and breathing deeply; I am ecstatic. Fun slider set to maximum, I'm almost home. The speedometer reads 130MPH when a dip in the road creates a hard down force and wha– my CAR! Please let my car be okay!

Dark. Pitch black. Motor with a turbo still attached 50 yards from a rather large piece of scrap metal. Tree bark and plastic all over the road. Where am I? Who's calling my name? Am I "Libz"? Do a push-up and get off the. Why am I in the middle of the road? Why can't I get up off the ground? I feel no pain though, I must be ok! Its nobodys fault but mine. "YO GET ME THE FU** OUT OF HERE" i howl to the midnight stars. Suave traces the sound of my voice and happily runs to my rescue. Next he wraps his sweater around my bloody cranium and begs me to just lay down and stay still, I am out of commission. At least I'm conscious though, right? Wrong. Dark. Pitch black. I spoke too soon. Where am I? DeChara? EMS? "Am I going to be okay" I say as I watch tears of sadness run down a friendly face. A helicopter? What in gods name is going on? Dark. Pitch black…..

Like something out a soap opera on your local TV channel a familiar beep is endlessly reoccurring. Fu** I can't speak. I can't move. Whats going on? What have I done? Tears are dripping down everyone I knows beat up red puffy faces. Its nobodys fault but mine. I am given a dry erase board and a marker like I am in 1st grade all over again. I write. "m I RetaRd?" No shakes the head of a kind lady whom is standing beside me. "Will I be able to talk?" Yes nods the same kind nurse. "I am a strong kid I will get through this and become a better person" I confidently write. ICU is cold I'm feeling… Dark. Pitch black.

Days and nights mash together. Im loopy. I don't know left from right. My wrists and hands are tied up and bound. There is a tube down my throat. I can't remember anything. I let out endless amounts of tears. Still I am confused and unknowing of my where abouts. Nurses keep asking "Do you know where you are?" The word "Hotel" keeps coming to mind but I know that can't be where I am.

Lungs collapsed, spleen lacerated and a T6 spinal cord fracture. Its nobody fault but mine. I've fully lost feeling and movement from my chest down but today I write this story alive and well. Things are defiantly a rollercoaster of emotions but I am learning to deal with it day by day. Im almost 3 years into this struggle and I am confident that I am going to beat this and prove to myself and the world that it is possible. I get knocked down but I will get up again, all in due time. Love strong.

TL:DR/ I ditched work and went out with a few buddies. My car was 702WHP and I was excited to have it back in my clutches. Had a few beers (legally) ended up snapping my wheel studs and crashing into a tree leaving me paralyzed for what seems to be an eternity. The saying "life can change in the blink of an eye" was always such a farfetched idea to me but now I realize it is the most true and enlightening saying of all. Life comes at everyone differently, please take fun and games to a track and drive slow

Please give me any constructive criticism, although this is a true story I would like to know where I could use more details or where I got sloppy. Thank you

2015 Used WRX STI or 2017 BRZ with PP – Consumer question

So im looking at getting a car, and the 2 cars that I'm eyeing are either a brand new 2017 BRZ with a performance package or a used 2015 STi for roughly the same price, the driving I will do is in Central NJ with a 50/50 split of daily driving and farm roads and backroads for fun and I plan on tracking it. Since winter driving is coming up the AWD would be nice but a decent pair of winter tires on the brz would be just as fine. Some issues are that I'm fairly new to manuals, I learned how to drive stick a couple years ago in a civic and then i own a ninja 650, so the concept is there just need practice, but when I plan to buy it would be very hard to see what these cars can do, And what they are really like just from a test drive.

In the market for V8 Vantage, couple of questions – Consumer question


Just some brief background – I have been extensively test driving Aston Martins and Porsche 911s since I decided to enter the market last November. In this time, I have test driven 4 different 09-2011 V8 Vantages – 1. Base Roadster manual 2. 09 Sportshift coupe 3. N420 4. 11k mile 09 Sportshift. In this time, I have also test driven virtually every Porsche 997.2 model offering in both manual and PDK, as well as a couple of 991.1 Carrera S. I am set on getting the 4.7 V8

Last week, I finally made the decision in my mind to go after an 09 Sportshift coupe over the Porsches due to the better "overall" – both in terms of comfort, experience, and drive vs the more sport oriented 911s. I did not believe the value in the N420 was really worth the premium in purchasing and it seems right now, the 09 Sportshift is the best bang for buck Vantage you can buy right now. I'm going automated manual due to this becoming a daily driver ( I currently drive a BMW equipped with their DCT trans)

I have a few questions that I have been unable to really find answered in the past year

  1. It seems to get the Aston Martin extended warranty offered through the OEM, one needs to buy the car from direct Aston dealer. Unfortunately here in the Midwest and searching nationally, no Aston dealers really seem to offer that "old" of a car for me to get this warranty. For those of you whom have used 3rd party warranties, which did you use and why?

  2. I am a very DIY guy, do all of my own work on the BMW which is what swayed me towards the AM over the Porsche – I can service this car in my garage much easier. I am mostly looking at models between 15k-30k miles – what immediate items am I looking at needing to get work done on? Right now, I can think of making sure boot drainage is done properly, oil change, potential thermostat issues, brakes and potentially tires. It seems like these especially with the 09 models in changes to the 4.7 V8 seem to maintain and remain issue free for quite sometime. Are there any other suggestions I should immediately plan to take a look at? I am setting about $5k extra for an immediate maintenance run when I grab the AM – I diligently keep records of all receipts and servicing timeline on my computer to create my own service book of all my cars. I am not worried about resale as I plan to own this for 5 yrs minimum. I have PPI'd 2 AM's that I am currently debating between to buy, both have come back clean

  3. In every single V8 Vantage I've driven, the handbrake lever was very finnicky/loose. Is this a common grievance item? Every single one of them, the lever when engaged/disengaged had to be played with/jiggled until the brake light came off the dash.

  4. Exhaust – fuse 22 will be my first "mod" but I would like to open up the note a little louder. I do not want to go the cat-less route but would like to get a louder note via the muffler. A very common mod on the 911s without the PSE is to gut the mufflers, essentially hollowing them out. Has anyone done this on the AM? It seems the general consensus on aftermarket offerings if I choose to go that route is a Bamford Rose system